Tea Tree Anti Acne Face Pack (50 gms)

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This natural face mask is an exfoliating, rejuvenating and anti-bacterial natural facial treatment that will brighten your skin with natural ingredients.  Suitable for blemish-prone skin, healing acne, pimples and reducing redness and damaged skin.

Key Ingredients 

Fuller's Earth | Tea Tree Oil | Manjistha | Sandalwood Powder | Neem Leaves Extract | Kasthuri Manjal | Daru Haldi| Anantmul | Mulethi | Cucumber Extract 


Lightens Acne Scars | Anti-microbial | Antibacterial | Antiviral | Soothes Dry Skin | Reduces Itching and Irritation |  Treats Eczema

Instructions to use 

Take a spoonful and make a thin paste with water - for oily skin, and milk - for dry skin. Apply on the face evenly. Leave for at least 10 minutes and wash before it completely dries off 

The product comes in a stainless steel container (steel spoon included)    

Recommended use - Once a week



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