Pom Poms - Sky Blue

Pom Poms - Sky Blue

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The colourful pom-pom appears to float in the air, creating an aura of celebration and promulgating an exuberant radiance to a rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bridal shower, wedding event, christmas tree decoration or a casual reception. Echoing the flamboyant  hanging puffs, pom-pom hanging tissue paper flowers adorn each place setting. Erda Pom Pom flowers are made of biodegradable tissue paper, and you can use them to compliment your home. They can be hung on walls, from ceilings, used as backdrops or even as piece of central attraction. 


  • Size: 6” 15 cm
  • Material - Biodegradable tissue paper
  • Technique - Handmade craft, DIY
  • Especially for home decoration, wedding decoration, festive decoration and party decoration
  • Packaging comes in recyclable paper
  • Includes: 1 pc yellow colored Pom Pom


  1. Here you go! You have a long strip of tissue paper in front of you that does not yet look anything like the POMs in the picture. Don’t worry. It’s pretty easy. 
  2.    Now carefully pull the strips of the tissue paper away one by away. Tissue paper is extremely thin and can therefore tear easily. But don’t worry. You won’t notice when the strips of the tissue paper are joined together in the finished pom pom. 
  3. Unflod the tissue paper with the edges to the outside. 
  4. Once you have pulled away. Continue pulling apart the layers of tissue paper: Once you finish one half, pull apart all the layers of the second half. Fluff up all the layers until you get it into a good ball shape. Then hang it from the ceiling with some fishing line and you are good to go!

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