Handmade Horo Soaps - Leo (Gel)

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About the Product

LEO (Born July 23-August 22)

Leos are a fire sign symbolized by the mighty Lion. Leos, like lions, are thought to be strong leaders. Leos are also known to be generous, warm-hearted, and creative. Alternatively, Leos are also pompous, patronizing, bossy, and intolerant. The scent chosen for the sign is ruled by the sun. This fragrance has a powerful floral scent of sunflowers, which captures the essence of sunbathing on a warm and sunny summer afternoon.

Power Color - Gold - Gold is the colour that represents Leos, as it emphasizes their generosity, desire to be in the limelight, and ability to shine no matter what. Gold is the known color of prestige and power. When Leos want to stand out from the crowd and feel like their most confident selves they should wear gold.

These soaps are handmade and completely natural and organic. Colours may vary from bar to bar, making them unique and more special.

Ingredients - Edible Gold Colour, Basil Essential Oil, Sunflower Fragrance

Approx Size & Weight

2.5 x 1 inch thick

42 - 50 gms each