Natural Sisal Exfoliating Wooden Bath Brush - ROUND

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  • Use - Cleaning
  • Type - Brush
  • Product - Bath Brush/Massage Brush
  • Material - Bristles Wooden
  • Material - Bristles
  • Application - Body
About the product
- High-Quality Natural Materials - This body brush is made of natural bamboo. It is sturdy, beautiful, shiny and dries quickly, with flax non-slip belt, comfortable grip and easy to handle. natural bristles. Soft hard moderate, make your skin smooth and glowing
- Soft and Stiff Brush - The Brush massages the skin and effectively sheds dead skin cells and cellulite; It gently cleanses, soften and smoothen the skin
- Easy to Use - Round shaped and fits in your palm for better control. The strap of skin brush has been carefully designed so that the brush can be used effectively; This Shower brush is lightweight and easy to carry and pack. It can be used in shower, bathtub or massage
- Massage Your Skin: This body brush can unclog pores, remove cuticles and dead skin, make skin fairer and smoother. It helps you get rid of busy or stressful work. improves circulation, makes the body more energetic

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