Pashmina - Grey wilth Self patterned Red border Stole

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Talk about the most demanded luxurious accessory in the world and Pashmina name comes up. The word Cashmere Pashmina sounds like the royalty in itself. A timeless luxury that has been a symbol of sophistication and class for the elite since the times immemorial. Kashmiri Pashmina was set into fashion when Empress Josephine wore a Kani  Pashmina Shawl which was gifted to her by her husband Napoleon. Since then it has been a choice of opulence for many people around the globe. From Bollywood celebrities to Hollywood to royals of British, Pashmina has made its place in the closet of all. So what makes this luxury the quintessential it is today, let us try and get to know more about it.   
Each piece is meticulously designed to alchemise tradition in a way that it finds a well-deserved place in a modern wardrobe.


Product Description

Being a Classic Gentleman never goes out of fashion. Embrace the Emperor with you with this luxurious lightweight men's Pashmina Stole. Pair this stole with a warm coat or jacket, for the classic estate look. Perfect for Weddings, Gifts, and evening Parties during the winter.


Colour- Grey with Self patterned Red border

Size - 10 x 80 Inches

Fabric - Kashmir Pashmina (Cashmere)

Creation - Hand-spun, Handwoven (Traditional Loom) and Hand-dyed

Fibre Diameter - 12 to 16 microns. (G. I Standard)

Fibre Collection - Changthangi Pashmina goat above 13,000 feets sea level of Ladakh (India)


Dry Clean 

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