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  • Category Women
  • Subcategory Body Polisher
  • Orange Peel Body Polisher (100 gms)

    Product Code - RMCBPL_003
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    Key Ingredients      

    Beeswax | Himalayan Pink Salt | Olive Oil | Avocado Oil | Almond Oil | Shea Butter | Orange Peel Oil | Vitamin E Oil | Turmeric Paste | Orange Peel Powder | Orange Peel Oil      


    Rejuvenates – Repairs – Rehydrates Body polisher aims at exfoliating and moisturising skin in order to get healthy glowing skin. It removes the surface layer of dead skin cells and after a rinse off, the newer, younger skin cells are left on the surface, giving the skin a soft feel and youthful appearance. In addition to the external physical benefits, the scrubbing helps open pores and draws out toxins. The act of massaging the body scrub into the skin increases circulation relaxes muscles and helps alleviate tension.


    Instructions to use

    Gently scrub on the body and wash. For best results, repeat once every week for a soft and supple feel.


    Warning - Not to be used on the face


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