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    Rejuvenate your senses. Heal your spirits!

    Key Ingredients

    Scented bricks and a blend of natural traditional ingredients, mainly wood chips (Oud, Agarwood or Aloeswood) soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with other natural ingredients (Resin, Musk, Ambergris, Sandalwood, flower oils and others). INSENS are scented chips/bricks, which when powdered and burned on charcoal burners (aka Incense Burners), perfume the house and clothing with the fragrance-rich smoke. This is used on special occasions like weddings or on relaxing times and love occasions or generally just to perfume the house or store, and to boost positive energy With its exotic fragrance and delicate plumes of aromatic smoke, INSENS incense tablets offer a feast for the senses. Elegant enough to be burned for the most formal of occasions and yet most suitable to be fumigated and enjoyed for your every day. They are at your service - whether for the scenting of yourself, home and wardrobe, or to achieve a state of calmness and meditation through their psychoactive effect. To fill the room or imbue special garments with this rich incense, there are a few basic instructions and safety precautions to follow Relish an enriching incense prepared with handpicked and organic ingredients from the land of dunes

    Instructions to use INSENS 

    INSENS incense tablet is not a self-lit substance as Incense sticks. A burner such as an electrical one is required to fast start and safely burn incense tablets. However, it is recommended to use charcoal to better burn the incense tablets, so as to slowly emit the smoke of fragrance. In this method; Burn a charcoal disc (biscuit or piece) till it glows on a 'Mabkhara' (a special metal or ceramic incense burner) preferably covered with a foil; Powder the INSENS incense tablet with a small hammer; Sprinkle small portions of the powdered INSENS on the lit glowing charcoal or on the hot plate of the electric incense burner; Let the smoke of fragrance fill the air of the place but not too much since this can take much oxygen from the room. The fragrance stays there after the smoke goes away. Don't open the windows till the room is saturated with the fragrance carried by the smoke of INSENS; To perfume the clothes with INSENS incense tablets, just expose the cloth directly to the smoke for a good 5 minutes. NOTE: Please be careful not to make fire when using charcoal and incense burners at home. Also, it is safe not to burn INSENS incense tablets while there is somebody sleeping in place since this can take some oxygen from the room (open windows after the room is saturated with the fragrance smoke).

    Video links - instructions on how to use incense tablets


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv69pYSm2oo https://youtu.be/q9UBw_xx59k

    Benefits of INSENS from holistic approach

    We identified a number of benefits of using INSENS incense tablets from a holistic perspective:

    • It creates a peaceful, tranquil, refreshing, uplifting & inspiring aura; • It opens one’s mind to spirituality & diverts from worldly impurities; • It keeps the mind alert and gives it the leisure, when it is busy; • Age does not affect the efficacy of INSENS incense tablets & its daily use causes no harm; • Burning INSENS incense tablet is a soothing & uplifting activity in itself; • It is a good homeostatic, antiseptic and a healing agent; • It dispels malicious & distressing psychic forces; • When used frequently, it may improve memory.

    Benefits of INSENS from Science Perspective

    Not just an air freshener

    Most people who never or seldom use incense often think of it simply as an air freshener or an odor eater and are unaware of the many benefits, it has to the mind and body. Even many regular incense users who use it regularly, may not fully appreciate all its physical and psychological benefits.

    Just about every culture since the beginning of time, has used incense for its spiritual powers - why tribal healers and physicians throughout history have used incense for its healing powers, why monks have used incense for thousands of years for its concentration powers, why artists use incense to inspire creativity, and why couples use incense to heighten sexual experiences.

    Enhancing Concentration & Focus

    Whether it is during study or at work, the use of specific incenses enables clear thinking and helps in developing a state of complete awareness. Monks recognized this benefit of incense long ago and use it during their meditation to clear the air as well as their thoughts. Jewelry makers and other workers who require intense concentration also often use incense to help them focus and to switch back and forth between working under the microscope and working away from it.

    Stimulating Creativity

    Similar to how an enjoyable song or a beautiful scenery can inspire the imagination, a pleasing aroma can get the creative energy flowing. The many botanical scents of incense can transport one’s mind away to a tropical island, a rainforest, a mountainous range, or any other earthly heaven. The scents of incense can put one in a dream like state, where imagination is set free to roam.

    Increasing Motivation

    Incense has long been used by religious and spiritual leaders to purify the air and the soul. Certain incense smoke has antibacterial, fungicidal, and insecticidal properties and therefore, really does purify the air. It is said that the incense increases positive energy and drives away negative energy. The pure air is like health food for the brain and the body, resulting in an increased motivation and energy level.

    Boosting Confidence

    With increased focus, creativity, and motivation naturally comes increased confidence. When your body is relaxed and your brain is firing on all cylinders, you’re at your best, and when you’re at your best, you’re at your most confident. Burning incense before a big date, a big test, or a big presentation can really increase your confidence and, therefore, your chances of success

    Heightening Sexual Desire

    Everyone knows that pheromones are nature’s aphrodisiac, which is why they are used in perfumes to attract the opposite sex. Similarly, by indulging the sense of smell, incense acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. The scents created by certain incenses stimulate sexual appetite and increase sexual attraction. Additionally, we’ve already covered that incense can boost confidence and enhance focus, and nothing attracts the opposite sex more than confidence and focus. Therefore, even if one were to use incense by himself and then meet up with their partner elsewhere, their increased confidence and focus will naturally turn the partner on. If a couple uses incense together, the smell will kick in the pheromone effect and they most likely will have a hard time keeping their hands off each other.

    Preventing Infections

    Many types of incense have antibacterial properties and can be used as a disinfectant to kill germs in the environment. In a recent Chinese study, incense was used to sterilize a hospital ward and was found to be just as effective as more standard means of sterilization such as using steam. By keeping your environment sterile, you can prevent infections and disease. Many herbs, such as Myrrh, also act as antiseptics, gathering the smoke from certain types of incense and rubbing it over a wound may actually help the wound heal faster since the smoke can kill germs on the wound.

    Relieving Headaches

    Our sense of smell is a direct path to the brain and certain odors trigger an immediate response via the Limbic System. Particular aromas stimulate the brain to produce essential chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine, which cause feelings of happiness, relaxation and contentment. For headache relief, certain incense aromas can help open the nasal passages, while others can lower blood pressure.

    Fighting Depression

    A study from an international team of scientists has discovered how burning frankincense (resin from the Boswellia plant) activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain that alleviate anxiety or depression. Incensole acetate, a Boswellia resin constituent, was administered to mice and found to stimulate TRPV3, a protein which helps reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. The compound significantly affected brain areas known to be involved in emotions as well as in nerve circuits that are affected by current anxiety and depression drugs.

    Reduces Anxiety & Tension

    The calming effects of incense are well known by Monks and spiritual leaders. Certain incense aromas work to slow down the heart rate and soothe nerves. These calming effects help to relieve built up tension in the muscles, enabling incense to also be used as a muscle relaxer.

    Cures Insomnia

    A result of the calming effects of incense, can also be used to induce sleep. The sedative properties of incense make it a great natural treatment to aid insomnia. This list is not quite thorough from the complete effects of incense that can have on the body and mind. There is a wide variety of plants and different parts of the plant used in incense, and each of these plants contain many different chemicals and compounds that affect the body. Inhaling these compounds is just another way of introducing them into the body, not much different than putting them into a pill form and ingesting them. The only difference is that inhaling them via incense has been done for thousands of years and is 100% natural, safe, and non-addicting. Therefore, incense should be considered as an effective remedy in treating such ailments as headaches and depression before resorting to prescription drugs. Because of all the benefits to the mind and body, it is wise to use incense on a regular basis to maintain health and happiness.

    The safeness and non-addictiveness are only true for 100% natural plant-based incense. Any incense that contains synthetic materials or is burned using charcoal may have undesirable effects on the body. Also, though incense is a great natural remedy, for more serious conditions or disease, please always consult a doctor and follow his prescriptions.

    INSENS Safety Precautions

    Keep all INSENS incense burning supplies away from small children and pets; especially incense burners that are still warm to the touch. Always ensure that there is an adult monitoring the incense, while it is burning to ensure that no sparks or embers pose a fire hazard. It is best to burn incense in a well-ventilated room to minimize smoke inhalation.

    Only dispose of the incense and charcoal disc after they are completely extinguished and cooled. Also, avoid using incense in an area with a smoke detector or emergency sprinkler system, as it may trigger the alarm. Seal remaining incense in an airtight container and wrap the charcoal discs in aluminum foil to preserve their freshness.

    FAQ on INSENS incense tablets

    How is INSENS incense tablet manufactured?

    INSENS incense tablet is made, mainly of natural ingredients. The art of manufacturing is inherited from our great ancestors and we still keep the secret from generation to generation. INSENS incense tablet is prepared using the 'baking method' where resins are made by baking (similar to clay where direct fire is not used). The longer it is kept on a closed glass jar, the better the scent becomes.

    How long has incense being used?

    Its interest is of no wonder, considering that Incense, Agarwood or Oud have been around for centuries since the ancient times of the Sanskrit, Torah, Gospel and the Islamic scriptures.

    In the Islamic history, all Prophets are known to have used incense (aka Bakhoor), but Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.), and his companions used incense regularly and more specifically on Fridays. This custom was largely promoted firstly in Arabia and afterward in the vast territory of the Islamic world. The Holy Prophet made known that agarwood is a distinct item of Paradise in his saying, "The first group of people who will enter Paradise, will be glittering like the full moon and those who will follow them, will glitter like the most brilliant star in the sky. They will not urinate, relieve nature, spit, or have any nasal secretions. Their combs will be of gold, and their sweat will smell like musk. The aloes-wood will be used in their centers". The Messenger of God also revealed the numerous healing properties of agarwood, which in the particular saying, referred to Hindi Oud and its effectiveness in treating pleurisy.

    The song of Songs describes King Solomon as "coming up from the desert like a column of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and incense" and there are numerous references throughout this book of the Old Testament to "every kind of incense tree" which popular belief denotes to Oud. The bible mentioned several citations of Oud, including a text in which Jesus is said to have been perfumed with aloes (Oud).

    The extremely wealthy ancient Chinese, used to make their coffins out of this aloeswood while in Buddhism, the most precious Buddhist string of beads numbering to 108 is made of agarwood. The burning of fragrant wood chips to perfume homes and clothes are prominent among Chinese nobleman. Agarwood also has been associated with the Chinese tradition of Feng shui, a discipline of governing the flow of energy in a particular place, and the Oud wood and fragrant incense has been associated with producing good luck and positive energy wherever it is placed.

    It was the eminent Queen of Yemen, Arwa Suleyhi, who would send large wooden boxes of incense to Najaf, Karbala and Egypt in the holy months of Ramadan, and Muharram in the lunar calendar. When it was burnt the atmosphere of the sacred cities became very pleasant and people knew that the gift from Yemen has reached its destination.

    During conventions on the Sciences of Islam, especially by Queen Arwa, incense have always been used to create a pious atmosphere. Learned students achieved both the benefits simultaneously and spiritual knowledge with precious fragrances.

    Romans and Greeks are also known to have used incense in religious rituals. It would be transported over thousands of miles up to the Mediterranean, before it could be traded on to Europe. Incense was also used in vast quantities by the ancient Egyptians. History holds vast evidence of the uses of incense in Biblical literature too. It was one of the fragrances presented to the infant Nabi Essa and is always used during religious ceremonies. After the fall of the Roman Empire the newly established Christian Church adopted several ceremonies - including the ritual burning of incense. It is well recorded that it was the practice of all king of England once a year to offer Incense and Myrrh on the Feast of Epiphany (Jan. 6th).

    In addition, incense was widely used for important ceremonies, such as the consecration of churches and bishops. Then of course Spain was ruled for centuries under Muslims, again giving a magnificent opportunity to spread the Islamic customs in those regions. Later on the Ottomans promoted the cultural heritage of Islam in the west through their military expeditions, whose evidence still remains visible today. According to the valuable sources of “Qaratees al Yamaniyah”, during the period of Suleyhi Power, first from Sana’a and later Zeejiblah, a large quantity of costly incense along with other fragrances were regularly presented to the Al Haramyn al Sharefyin, Kabah and Rauzat al Nabawi.

    What are the benefits of using INSENS incense?

    The benefits that are involved with INSENS incense are vast, ranging from psychoactive and spiritual, to therapeutic and medicinal. Keep in mind that the information we share below is only for your general information and is not to be relied for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

    It calms the body, removes destructive and negative energies, provides enhanced awareness, reduces fear, invokes a feeling of vigor and harmony, and enhances mental functionality;

    It eases neurotic and obsessive behavior and helps create harmony and balance in our home;

    It is highly psychoactive;

    It is highly effective for meditation, enlightenment, bringing deep tranquility and relaxation;

    It is suggested by proficient masters for giving inspiration and the imperative affection for meditation;

    It is known to bring connection with the transcendent, stimulating the psyche, human body and consciousness. It is said that prayers rise with the scented smoke and carry the prayer to the Creator. The angels are attracted to the scent and Oud smoke;

    Buddhists deploy oud woods for transmutation of ignorance. Tibetan monks utilize it to convey energy to wind down the mind and spirit. The Sufis and Japanese shamans use agarwood oil in their esoteric rites;

    It helps to improve mental clarity, opens the third eye and all of the upper chakras while calming the whole entire spiritual system;

    Medically, INSENS incense is a tonic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, relieves epilepsy, antimicrobial, carminative, anti-asthmatic;

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