Our Team

Rashida Munshi

Director and Solutions Architect

Having a strong understanding of Information Management with relational database and an inclination towards conservation of mother earth, Rashida manages IT infrastructure for erda.co.nz. Rashida has served NZ Police as a System Development Manager and is pursuing further challenges in the IT domain. With over a decade of experience in technical enterprising, Rashida is a proud director of RM Collections Limited. She envisages creating an eco-store that will cater to a healthy supplies of everyday products in a wide range, for New Zealanders.


Abbas Munshi

Founder & Business Communications Manager

With a deepened knowledge of Information Management, Logistics & Operations, Business Communications, Advertising & Marketing, and a formal education in Sustainable Development - Abbas holds the flagship of erda.co.nz ecommerce and marketplace domain for RM Collections Limited and works closely as per the market trends in creating a unique experience for New Zealanders.


Dr Amita Fotedar

Research Consultant

Dr Amita Fotedar holds a PhD in environmental sciences and has worked with renowned research institutes globally. Her last assignment was with United Nations Development Programme in the European Regional Hub. She also holds a degree in International Studies from International Pacific University (New Zealand Campus). Amita has spent considerable time in research and development of niche environmentally friendly products for New Zealanders. She also holds technical IP of the products that will create a sustainable living for New Zealanders.  


Ashwyn Sathanatham

Technical Advisor and Project Consultant

Ashwyn is an experienced technical ‘guru’ with expertise in handling large data sets and trends that interpret concrete solutions. Having extensive experience with NZ Public sector, Ashwyn holds an honors degree in Applied Sciences specializing in Telecommunications from the University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ. His other interests include Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business and Innovation. He also has a keen interest in Environmental Sustainability and that was an essential driver for his association with erda.co.nz